Yahmi Monolith


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doorstep in just a few days

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Yahmi makes sanitization part of your brand,
with the option of tailoring it to your needs
when making use of our customization services.

Pleasing to the eye

Our seamless design will fit any workplace
or public area, providing a smooth transition
into the new normal for you and your clients.

Zero cross-contamination

Monolith’s implementation of hands-free
mechanics avoids any risk of cross-contamination,
keeping your spaces safe day in day out.

Built to last

We design and manufacture our products
here in Saudi Arabia using high-end materials
that make Yahmi future-proof.


Yahmi is subject to rigorous testing and quality
inspections, guaranteeing the protection of your
employees, customers and visitors from day one.

A greener KSA

Yahmi helps you keep Saudi Arabia green
with a build that is independent from
electricity and single-use plastics.


How can I add my company’s logo to the dispenser?

You can apply to have your company’s logo implemented on Yahmi’s design with one click.

Simply go over to our customizable section, click on the ‘Add Logo’ option and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

This option is available for orders of 50 units and over.

Is it possible to get Yahmi in a different color other than Gunmetal Grey and Matte Black?

Yes! With any orders that exceed 50 units, you will have the option to personalize your Yahmi in any way that would best suit your environment. 

Check our customizable section to view our selection of colors and get in touch with us if you desire any color other than the ones on display.

Is there a limit to how many units I can buy?

There is no limit to the number of units you can order.

You are free to purchase as many Yahmi dispensers as you need to keep your space safe for you, your colleagues and your customers.

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Gunmetal Grey, Matte Black